Stadia: Class action lawsuit wants to hold Google responsible for the 4K sham package

Stadia 4K 60FPS
If it says 4K, it doesn’t always contain 4K, as Stadia proves

Google advertised its Stadia cloud gaming offering with full 4K resolution and 60 fps. However, the games are usually only upscaled. Google does not want to let the cheating go through a class action lawsuit.

When Google Stadia was first presented, Google threw around with self-praise: 4K at 60 fps and more power than the combined power of the then current PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were wanted. It quickly became clear that Google had mouthed too much. At the start (and to this day), the cloud gaming offering missed many of the functions initially presented. In addition, 4K unfortunately turned out to be a sham: The majority of the games ran in lower resolutions than, for example, on the Xbox One X – sometimes even with poorer graphics settings. Even a flagship title that was heavily promoted by Google, namely “Doom Eternal”, did not achieve native 4K.

Some gamers, who had their hopes in Google Stadia, don’t want to let go of all the slips. In the USA, for example, a class action lawsuit was launched against Google. She accuses Google of having deliberately advertised the quality of the streaming at Google Stadia in an excessive manner.

Accordingly, it was an advertising lie that Stadia brought the combined performance of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Google misled consumers in order to lure subscribers. The class action lawsuit accuses Google of having broken consumer protection laws in all 50 US states. That’s why Google should now pay compensation to current and previous Stadia subscribers. In addition, one demands that Google give the frame rate and the actual resolution for every game that is sold at Stadia.

Class action lawsuits, if successful, could also affect Microsoft and Sony

If the class action is successful, other manufacturers could also be affected. Because even Microsoft and Sony do not state in their stores with which resolutions and frame rates the games to be bought run. However, we do not assume that the class action will succeed on this point. How it is in turn with Google’s marketing of Google Stadia, i.e. whether customers have actually been deliberately misled, the courts have to decide.


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