Staff fashion brand Spanx gets first-class plane ticket and $10,000

After investment company Blackstone bought a majority stake in SpanX, the value of the fashion brand was estimated at 1.2 billion dollars.

21 years

Last week, 50-year-old owner and founder Sara Blakely thanked her employees for their efforts over the decades at a party. Blakely founded SpanX 21 years ago with 5000 dollars (4300 euros) in savings. One day, the company would be worth $20 million, she predicted. People laughed at her.

“Standing here today and reflecting on what we’ve been able to create by being authentic, friendly and delivering great products in a very masculine corporate space marks a significant moment for female entrepreneurs,” Blakely said in a speech that also appeared on Instagram:

Destination of your choice

She turned a globe and then told that she has bought two first-class tickets for all her employees to an infection of their choice. “When you travel, you want to have a nice dinner and stay in a nice hotel, so you all get $10,000,” Blakely added.

“This is a big moment for all of you,” Blakely said. “I want to toast to the women who came before and all the women in the world who didn’t have this chance.”

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