Stainer-Hämmerle on Blümel: “He plays for time”

The fact that the files were delivered in the confidentiality level 3 of 4 does not make it any easier for the U-Committee. Now the MPs have to rummage through printed mountains of files with thousands of pages for relevant information – and most of it is secret. “The ÖVP naturally hopes that some important things will not be found in this flood of information,” said Stainer-Hämmerle.

Resignation? Is due to polls and public

Sigrid Maurer, club boss of the Greens, emphasized on Wednesday that the process was not enough for the finance minister to resign. The Green Club must now fend off a third motion of no confidence against Blümel in the National Council. Maurer is still keeping the Greens in line: “But it will get more difficult from time to time, “says Stainer-Hämmerle.

Whether Blümel will stay in office is ultimately decided by the public: “If the impression now arises that he is no longer acceptable here in office (…) then he will probably also submit his resignation.” At the moment, however, no relevant facts have emerged that would make this necessary: ​​”In this respect, the ÖVP and Sebastian Kurz will hold on to his confidante. The question is how surveys and the public debate develop.”


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