STALKER. 2: First trailer with gameplay scenes is here

The successor to Call of Pripyat is due to appear in 2021. Now for the first time there is a concrete foretaste.

Shortly before the turn of the year, the Ukrainian game studio GSC Game World has a special surprise for gaming fans. A first official teaser trailer for Stalker 2 was released on Wednesday. It also features gameplay scenes from the game, which is slated for release in 2021. The video was uploaded exclusively to IGN’s YouTube channel.

According to GSC Game World, the video expresses “what the game actually feels like: rapid scene changes, threatening landscapes and the ever-present feeling of inevitable danger, accompanied by a distinctive guitar soundtrack”.

Stalker fans have had to be very patient in the past. After the first Stalker was announced in 2001, but only appeared in 2007, there was quick talk of a successor. It was officially announced in 2010 and should have appeared in 2012. But nothing came of it. Then it went quiet again until a release for 2021 was announced in 2018.

The game will be released for PC and Xbox Series X and S and should be part of the Xbox Game Pass from day 1.


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