Stan becomes reality: Eminem makes phone number public to fans

Good news for all Eminem fans! On Twitter, the rapper made his phone number public to all his fans. With the initiative he hopes to answer all the burning questions surrounding his person.

Have you always dreamed of sending text messages with Eminem? Then you will now have the opportunity to do so. Posted on his Twitter Slim Shady a phone number where his fans can reach him. “Dear StanHe begins the tweet. “I intended to write you earlier, but I’ve been busy,” it sounds, in what seems like a clear reference to the song Stan that he wrote about an obsessed fan.

“Text me, I’ll send you back,” he continues. The message will be followed by US phone number 313-666-7440 and a link to Eminem’s contact information. The number is linked to Community. That’s a social media service that allows fans to leave phone messages for their favorite artists.

Disclaimer: The US number is not sufficient for anyone who wants to contact Eminem outside the United States. Fortunately, you can easily solve that by adding the combination +1. That is the country code of the U.S.A.

The Marshall Matters LP

Why Eminem makes his phone number public is still unknown. Already seems the twentieth anniversary of The Marshall Matters LP, his wildly popular 2000 studio album, have something to do with it. Next Stan that record released songs like The Real Slim Shady and The Way I Am on. Last week, the rapper announced that he will listen to the album on Spotify with his fans on Wednesday, May 27.

Eminem clearly does not sit still during the lockdown. Last month, the rapper donated free spaghetti to the hospital staff of Detroit, the city he comes from. Even then he made a subtle reference (to the song Mom’s Spaghetti).


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