Star (Disney +) starts weakly with little 4K content and without Dolby Atmos

With “Star” a new category starts on Disney +

With Star the new “adult section” starts on Disney +. However, the offer at the beginning is still manageable and does not offer fans of high-resolution 4K films or 3D sound much!

Almost exactly 11 months ago, Disney + started a new streaming service in Germany. At that time, many users took advantage of the annual subscription at the special price of 59.99 euros. After that, the annual subscription cost 69.99 euros and as of today, new customers have to pay 89.90 euros per year (or 8.99 euros per month). Disney justifies this price increase with the launch of the new “Star” portfolio, among other things. It contains all sorts of films and series that had no place on Disney + due to the child-friendly image (unless, of course, it was about Marvel or Star Wars).

Sobering selection of 4K titles

We have already summarized the complete overview of films and series on Star (Disney +) in one article. At that time, however, it was not yet clear in what quality the films and series were available. When we clicked through the new offer today, disillusionment quickly spread. Not only is most of the content available in HD quality, the few 4K titles are usually only equipped with HDR10, and in the rarest cases with Dolby Vision. We are already aware that not all film classics receive a high-quality 4K remaster with Dolby Vision, but as long as a 4K version of the corresponding film or series already exists in some form, it should also be offered to stars. We were able to make out the following 4K titles on the fly:

  • The Martian – 4K – HDR10 – 5.1
  • The big trip WILD – 4K – HDR10 – 5.1
  • The devil wears Prada – 4K – HDR10 – 5.1
  • Independence Day – 4K – HDR10 – 5.1
  • Independence Day – Recurrence – 4K – HDR10 – 5.1
  • Greatest Showman – 4K – Dolby Vision – 5.1
  • Planet of the Apes Revolution – 4K – Dolby Vision – 5.1
  • Planet of the Apes Prevolution – 4K – Dolby Vision – 5.1
  • Maze Runner – The Chosen in the Labyrinth – 4K – Dolby Vision – 5.1
  • Maze Runner – The Chosen in the Burning Desert – 4K – HDR10 – 5.1
  • Love Victor – 1 season – 4K – HDR10 – 5.1

Missing tracks and no Dolby Atmos

In addition, the Dolby Atmos lacks 3D sound any trace. But that’s actually nothing new. Since the start, we have not been able to find a German soundtrack in Dolby Atmos. Usually only Dolby Digital 5.1 is available. Finally, there are still teased films and series that we could not locate via the search on Disney +, such as the “Die Hard” films or “Speed” with Keanu Reeves. We are currently not convinced by stars and are seriously considering putting our Disney + subscription on hold for now. Should the company strive for exciting new content and present it in the best possible quality, we would be happy to stop by the “Streaming Service from the Mouse”! How do you like the range of “Stars”? Did you discover other 4K titles? Write us a comment!


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