Star Renegades will make its console debut in November

Star Renegades will be released on November 19th for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and on November 25th for PlayStation 4. This announced publisher Raw Fury and developer Massive Damage Games. For Xbox, the title will also be available through Xbox Game Pass.

The rogue-like RPG has been available for PCs on Steam since September. In Japan there will also be a retail version for Nintendo Switch and PS4. These will not appear until February 25, 2021, but can already be pre-ordered from Amazon Japan *.

The interplanetary rebellion

The official Steam page for the title describes Star Renegades as a tactical, team-based rogue-like RPG set against a dark, authoritarian empire against the backdrop of a never-ending interplanetary rebellion. Players can expect a fusion of a reactive, turn-based combat system and a procedurally generated and emergent mission-based campaign.

In combat situations, interruptions and counterattacks are given special importance, while opponents develop further and rise in their ranks. Players should also be able to unlock a variety of alternative characters while surviving team members connect emotionally.

Images: Star Renegades, Raw Fury / Massive Damage


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