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‘Star Wars’ was almost Fox before ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

The Empire Strikes Back is probably the best film from the Star Warsseries. But it almost never happened as fans remember now. Because George Lucas had suffered so hard during the production of A New Hope, that he was about to sell everything to Fox.

Who Star Wars says George Lucas. But almost that had not been the case at all. Because the creator of the now legendary film series (s) had almost sold it to Fox after he had the first Star Wars-movie A New Hope had made.

Lucas invented the story of that film, worked it out and released it. And that was perhaps a bit too much. Because the pressure that the production of A New Hope George Lucas even brought up serious health problems.

“I can see that world”

A New Hope became a huge success, and it was time for a sequel. But George Lucas didn’t want to go through such a tough time again. “In the beginning, I considered selling everything to Fox,” said an interview with entertainment magazine Empire.

“I would just take my particle, go home and never wear it again Star Wars think back. But to be honest, I was too fascinated with the world. And I can’t help it, but I get sad or angry when something doesn’t go as it should. I can see that world. I know how the characters live, how they breathe, ”said George Lucas.

Creative control

As fans know, Lucas did not (at the time) sell the project. But he has decided to be slightly less involved in the series. He called in Irvin Keshner The Empire Strikes Back to direct. Lucas himself remained producer of the film.

Actually it is quite ironic, because although Lucas Star Wars ultimately not sold, Fox was the distributor of the films. George Lucas retained creative control Star Wars by paying for the production of the films out of his own pocket.

It took until 2012 for Lucas to sell his world to Disney. So he himself made all the films from the original trilogy, and also the entire prequel trilogy. Disney then started working on the sequel trilogy.


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