Starfield: Bethesda shows gameplay – these are the reactions

Bethesda Game Studios, known as the developer studio behind games like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series, has unveiled gameplay for the next giant project, Starfield. The reactions online have been mixed.

“100+ systems, 1,000+ planets all for you to explore. We can’t wait to see what you’ll discover.”

With these words, Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Games Studios, ended the nearly 15-minute presentation on Starfield. For the first time, Bethesda has shown gameplay footage from the game, providing detailed insights into the gameplay mechanics of the space RPG.

Shipbuilding inspires – gunplay and scope generate skepticism

In addition to the sheer size of the game, an extensive story with several factions, base and ship construction, modifiable weapons and an extensive character system should ensure fun. The reactions on the net were not long in coming and are mostly positive – but there are also concerns.

The reactions can be divided into two categories: cautious optimism on the one hand and justified skepticism on the other. A Reddit user writes:

“Honestly the worst looking part was the FPS part but the rest looked really good, I just hope the story is good.”

He is not alone with this opinion, the shooter gameplay is criticized by some users:

“Anyone else think the gun behavior was a little spongy? The guns didn’t seem to pack much punch, even the double-barreled shotgun.”

The reactions to the announced base construction and above all to shipbuilding read much more positively:

I’m just looking forward to building my own spaceship and then walking around in it!

But the biggest headache for players is the announced size of Starfield. Over 1,000 planets in 100 solar systems should be freely exploreable. Players worry that many of these planets will be procedurally generated and will feel empty. Parallels are drawn to the exploration game No Man’s Sky, which suffered from exactly these problems when it was released. ”

This game reminds me of the early No Man’s Sky… Only prayer helps!

“- writes a user.

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