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Starting this week to stream: the start of Marvel series ‘WandaVision’, the third season of ‘Disenchantment’ and Oscar contender ‘One Night In Miami’

Halfway through January and the year has now really started. That is to say: more series and more films. This week there is more than enough choice to fill your weekend. Nice inside with a chocolate milk, watching the fresh snow with a series on your lap.


On Disney + kicks off the long-awaited fourth phase of the MCU, and for the first time in the form of a television series: WandaVision. Every week we get a new episode, but the starting blocks are fired with two episodes.

With WandaVision the MCU is tapping into a whole new kind of series. It is humor that predominates here and throughout the episodes is referred to a lot of popular sitcoms from the sixties to the nineties. Something we have not seen before at Marvel and for that reason alone this series is a welcome addition.

Right after that: childhood nostalgia. Has been on Netflix since this week Dawson’s Creek to find. The entrance of Jen (Michelle Williams) not only colored our youth, but also that of Dawson and Pacey. Not to mention Joey (Katie Holmes): didn’t everyone want a girl next door to talk to and watch movies together in bed for hours? A lot of drama and intelligent-sounding conversations among teenagers later, the series not only turned out to be the start of a great acting career for Michelle Williams, but it also still has a special place in our hearts reserved for this series. The six seasons are now both on Netflix and on Amazon Prime to find.

Also completely new content on Netflix in the form of the third season Disenchantment. Although Matt Groening’s series never got the popularity of The Simpsons or Futurama has been able to approach, she does have her following. In the third season takes Princess Bean beyond the confines of her kingdom, bringing Disenchantment into new territory, literally and figuratively. There is also a fourth season on the way.

Also at Apple they have started their series year with the second season from Servant. It was one of the first series of AppleTV + and their greatest asset was Mr. Night Shyamalan, on-duty producer. In the new season, we follow a married couple from Philadelphia who are grieving after a tragedy and experiencing a break in their marriage. That break opens the door to a mysterious force, because we are of course still talking about a series by M. Night Shyamalan.

American Gods can also be found on Amazon Prime! This particular series depicts a world in which the gods of mythology actually exist and interact with humans. However, they are starting to clash with the new set of gods of humans: technology. The first season was sublime television, from the second season the production started to contend with all kinds of problems. This third season Consists of 10 episodes again after the shorter second season, we hope the series gets back on track and returns to the great form of the first season.

On Streamz we start quickly The Head, a series that will make us realize that winter can always get worse. After all, the series takes place at the South Pole. The sun will not be visible for the next six months. A small team will remain at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station to continue their innovative research, a critical component in the fight against climate change, under the direction of renowned biologist Arthur Wilde. When spring arrives, Johan Berg, who is in charge in the summer, returns to the station. The whole team is dead or missing. What happened? A series made in Spain, but all in English.

Also new on Streamz is the fine light series Sunnyside. It revolves around former city councilor Garrett Shah who finds his calling when he is confronted by six newly arrived immigrants who need his help and are looking for the American dream.

Finally, there is also the new season Carmen Sandiego on Netflix. The animation series based on the character from a series of educational games that appeared between 1985 and 2004 is already in its fourth season. Sandiego was a thief, but he always went on a treasure hunt. The central question in the games was therefore: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? Or: Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? By collecting and connecting clues, the player then had to find out where Sandiego was and then give her her deserved punishment. Carmen Sandiego has been given the voice of Gina in this series “Jane The VirginRodriguez.

Recent Movies

The Oscars will exceptionally only take place at the end of April, but we are already getting the Oscar favorites fired at us one by one. Last week we wrote about it Pieces Of A Woman (Netflix), it’s the turn this week One Night In Miami. The film is Regina King’s directorial debut and can be found at Amazon Prime.

It has become a talk movie that revolves around one day in history: February 25, 1964. Then the friends Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke and Malcolm X got together. They have reason to celebrate now that Clay has become world heavyweight champion after beating Sonny Liston. However, it will not be a carefree evening for the four, because they are all too aware of the infringement of civil rights that they must tolerate as African Americans.

We would also like to point out to you Lucy In The Sky on Streamz +. This is the debut film of Fargo– and Legioncreator Noah Hawley with Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm and Dan Stevens who is in danger of drowning in oversupply. Portman plays the astronaut Lucy Cola who returns to Earth after a life-changing space mission. Back with a vengeance, she is increasingly losing touch with reality.

On the same Streamz + is from now on too Capone , the film that tells the story of the last months of the legendary American gangster Al Capone who began to suffer from dementia at the age of 47. Despite top stars like Tom Hardy and Linda Cardellini, the film had to contend with devastating critiques, but you know what they say: first see and then believe!

We certainly don’t want to remember: the Chilean gem Ema that featured in many end-of-year lists at the end of 2020. The movie that can be found on Streamz + revolves around the young Ema who dances in the experimental dance company of her husband, choreographer Gastón (Gael García Bernal). After a shocking event, the couple decides to give up their 7-year-old adoptive son Polo. In the aftermath, their marriage is put to the test as Ema devises a plan to get her son back.

For those who want more idiosyncratic film, there is the platform Sooner. Since this week, two new toppers can also be found on it. Babyteeth – which could also be found in many end-of-year lists – we meet Milla. She’s sixteen and has cancer, but she won’t let that get to her heart after meeting Moses, a bad boy with more than just money problems. Milla’s parents throw out all their pedagogical strategies to see their daughter happy and take Moses home.

We really enjoyed ourselves Lizzie on Sooner. The film never appeared in Belgian theaters and can now be seen in Belgium for the first time. Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart play Lizzie Borden and Housekeeper Bridget, respectively. In 1892, Lizzie was acquitted of the murder of her father and stepmother. In this film we get to see what all went before the murder. A wonderfully slow story to enjoy, supported by excellent acting performance.

Older movies

Anyone who wants to enjoy Emma Stone again has to wait for her role as Cruella De Vill in the film Cruella. It is currently on the calendar for a release in May, but of course it remains to be seen whether it will continue. In anticipation of this we recommend a viewing Easy A (2010) on Netflix On. Easy A was the big breakthrough role for Stone: in this film she plays an unremarkable girl in a nondescript high school who has the image of being the mattress of the school. The girl, Olive, is not sure how to quell the rumors and then decides to use her new image to her advantage.

And finally there is on Amazon Prime still the oddity Lost In London (2017) with Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson, among others. In it, Woody Harrelson (who also wrote and directed the movie) plays a version of himself who has a hard time going home to be with his family, who has discussions with friends. To make matters worse, he ends up in jail in the course of a night of bad luck.


The only downside to the new documentary What Would Sophia Loren Do? on Netflix is that it only lasts 32 minutes. Last year, Netflix surprised with the new film La Vita Davanti A Sé with Sophia Loren again in a film role for the first time in ten years. This film is not primarily about the legendary actress, but about Nancy Vincenza Kulik, a woman who draws courage and strength from the life of her idol to bear the setbacks in her own life. Heart warming!


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