State of Play: The most important announcements for PS4 and PS5

Did you miss Sony’s live stream? We have summarized the most important announcements.

In the “State of Play” titled live stream events, Sony regularly shows new games, trailers and general innovations relating to the Playstation ecosystem. Yesterday the latest edition took place and brought some interesting announcements. The most important ones summarized for you:

New trailer for God of War Ragnarok

Sony has unveiled a new trailer for the next installment in the God of War franchise. In addition to more story details, the trailer also gives insights into the combat system and the game world.

Like a Dragon: Ishin!: New samurai game from Yakuza developers

Like a Dragon: Ishin!

not only reminiscent of the name of the well-known Yakuza franchise, whose last edition the title

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

wore, the gameplay shown in the trailer also clearly shows which studio is behind the development. However, it’s not part of the Yakuza franchise, but a reboot of the game Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin!, which was released exclusively in Japan in 2014.

First trailer for new Tekken 8

The Tekken fighting game series is getting a new edition, and the first trailer was shown in the live stream. There wasn’t much to see yet, but the graphics are particularly impressive. According to developer Bandai Namco, the trailer should not be a pre-rendered film, but real in-game graphics.

Rise of the Ronin: Action RPG set in Japan

The development studio Team Ninja, best known for the Nioh series, has teamed up with Sony and is developing a new exclusive title. In the trailer, Rise of the Ronin is reminiscent of a mixture of Ghost of Tsushima and Assassin’s Creed.

PSVR2: Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition

The VR platform PSVR2 gets two new titles, including a new Star Wars game and a board game with a fantasy theme.

Hogwarts Legacy: Exclusive Quest for Playstation

While the highly anticipated Harry Potter game will not be a Playstation exclusive, it will feature a Playstation exclusive quest. This listens to the name

The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop

Sony shows a new trailer to go with it.

New reward program with digital collectibles

Sony has unveiled some of the digital collectibles associated with the new rewards program

Playstation Stars

can be earned. These are expressly not NFTs. Among other things, a digital copy of the Playstation 3 was shown. You can then show off the collectibles in the Playstation app and in your PSN profile.

You can earn this digital Playstation 3.


You can earn this digital Playstation 3.


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