State Secretary for Culture Lunacek before resignation? The clues are condensing

Cultivated land Austria. Actually today, Friday, Lost day for the Cultural workers in Austria should be. Secretary of State for Culture Ulrike Lunacek, a political pro of the Greens and working in federal politics for more than 20 years, should have held the decisive press conference, at which concrete solutions for future cultural events and of course financial aid for Cultural workers had been expected.

The press conference was surprisingly canceled. An interview with profil, as well as one for KURIER on Sunday, the 62-year-old canceled at short notice. There was no justification that the “long-term cultural timetable” could not yet be communicated, it was said only.

As of the beginning of this week articles first appeared that Lunacek just before one resignation had denied it quickly and violently. But the pressure, like the anger on the part of Cultural workers gets bigger every day.

Chancellor took Thursday evening Sebastian Kurz to his government colleague’s position. He did not answer questions about whether she would resign. He explained that a resignation Lunaceks her personal decision would be and that these are currently “difficult times” for her.

Finally, the rumors intensified again, Lunacek could step down today, Friday. It would be the first political victim of the corona crisis in Austria.


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