Statistician Neuwirth criticizes the late lockdown: “The increase was noticeable in August”

“If we had taken the measures 14 days or three weeks earlier, it would have been much cheaper.” For example, at the same time as the autumn break – then the schools would automatically have been closed. This is currently the subject of heated debate.

Missing data on infected children

But even Neuwirth can say little about the question of how much children actually contribute to the infection process. Studies from Israel, the USA and Australia have only confirmed that they contribute something, explains the statistics professor. It is unclear whether more, less or as much as adults.

Age statistics are needed for the tests to clarify this. In this way one would be able to filter out how many children there are tested positive per 100,000 children. “These data do not exist,” criticizes the statistician.

Growth in Vienna lower

There is currently a data chaos during the tests. The epidemiological register has collapsed several times in the past few days, and countless late registrations have distorted the statistical analysis.

According to the statistician, however, the number of people hospitalized is meaningful – and this shows: “Upper Austria is going through the roof”. There are also dramatic developments in Carinthia, which not so long ago was a model student in combating pandemics. Vienna is also at a high level, but the increases are significantly lower when measured against the population.


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