Stay young forever? Chinese scientists are testing it out

Chinese scientists claim to have found a way to slow down our aging process. They developed a gene therapy that has already proved successful in mice.

Postponing wrinkles and extending our lifespan, most would sign for it. Biologists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences promise to help us with that. They say they have a world first by developing the very first gene therapy that can slow down the aging process.

For their research, they studied 10,000 genes in search of genes that specifically promote cellular aging. They could fish 100 types from that pool. One of these turned out to be very striking: the so-called cat7 gene. It is one of tens of thousands of genes found in mammalian cells.

Live 25 percent longer

In a second phase, they inactivated this particular gene in the liver of mice, Professor Qu Jing explains to Yahoo News: “After six to eight months, the mice looked better, they had more grip strength and, most importantly, their lifespan. was extended by about 25 percent. ”

The scientists also tested the function of the gene in human stem cells and liver cells, among others. Until now they could not notice any cellular side effects.

Nevertheless, it will be a long time before this technique is ready to be tested on humans. More research is needed. “We hope in the long run to find a way to postpone aging, even if it is only a little bit,” the scientists say.

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