Steam and Epic: Two free games for the weekend

Two completely different PC games can be tried out for free this weekend.

For an entertaining weekend in front of the gaming computer, players do not necessarily have to spend money. The largest online shops for digital games regularly entice with free titles that can be tried out without obligation. This time there are two titles to try out extensively on the program. The first is “Chivalry 2”, a battle spectacle with knights that has been available for almost a year.

Knight multiplayer action

The title is currently available exclusively on the Epic Store. The multiplayer game can now be tried out for free until Monday. “Chivalry 2” relies on multiplayer combat, with archers, crossbowmen and melee fighters available to choose from. The combat system offers quite a few tactical refinements. With targeted punches and parried attacks, the chances of victory are significantly higher. However, the presentation is not for the faint of heart, with severed body parts flying around here and there.

WW2 multiplayer shooter

The multiplayer shooter “Hell Let Loose” can also be tried out for free. The title takes players into the Second World War and focuses on infantry combat. However, up to 100 players can also man tanks or put pressure on the opposing side with artillery strikes. The game mechanics are very realistic. The game is aimed at fans of hardcore games, success comes only with good tactics and good communication between players. Hell Let Loose is free to try until March 21 at 6:00 p.m.

Try Chivalry 2 for free on the Epic Game Store

Try Hell Let Loose for free on Steam

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