Steam Deck: BIOS allows installation of Windows 11

With a new BIOS, a fully-fledged Windows 11 can be installed on the Steam Deck – with minor restrictions.

A good month ago, Valve released new drivers for its handheld PC Steam Deck, which allowed Windows 10 to be used as an alternative to the pre-installed Steam OS. Windows 11, on the other hand, was previously unusable due to the lack of support for the Firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM). Valve has now released a new BIOS for Steam Deck, which contains exactly this security measure required by Microsoft. However, the drivers already published for Windows 10 are also suitable for Windows 11.

Better battery life

At the same time as the BIOS update, the stability of the handheld PC under Steam OS 3.0 was also improved. This should ensure longer battery life and greater compatibility of the USB-C port. From now on, several docking stations and power packs can be used. There is also a slider in the quick settings that removes the frame rate limit. Depending on the game, however, this results in a shorter runtime for the handheld.

Audio problems and dual boot

Valve has released suitable drivers for the graphics unit of the RDNA2 APU as well as WLAN and Bluetooth for Windows fans. Only the audio drivers are still missing. As a result, the sound output under Windows 11 currently does not work either via the built-in speakers or headphones. However, sounds can be output via Bluetooth or USB-C. The support of Windows 11 on the Steam Deck is therefore still in beta status. A dual boot, i.e. the simultaneous use of two operating systems, is also not yet possible. Valve wants to submit this in an upcoming version of Steam OS.

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