Steam Deck: Only found on Ebay at exorbitant prices

If you are not one of the lucky pre-orderers of the Steam Deck, you will have to wait. Extortionate prices are demanded on Ebay.

Valve has been shipping its Steam Deck handheld PC since the end of February. The interest in the portable gaming PC is great, after all, current titles can also be played comfortably on the go. Accordingly, many buyers now have to wait a long time for their device. Anyone who gets the idea of ​​looking for a Steam Deck on Ebay will quickly be confronted with extortionate prices.

Lengthy pre-order process

A purchase on Ebay would be so easy compared to the normal pre-order process: Valve charges a fee of four euros when making the reservation. After that, the pre-orderer will eventually receive an email with which the Steam Deck can then be ordered. But even then, delivery is not expected until October at the earliest. This circumstance ensures that at least 800 euros for the 256 GB model are called for on Ebay for the Steam Deck. Usually only 549 euros are due for it. The model with 512 GB of memory is even available for immediate purchase for just under 1,300 euros. The normal price is only half as high at 679 euros. If you’re looking for a cheap Steam Deck abroad, you shouldn’t find anything either. Here the prices are up to 2,500 US dollars. And whether the Steam Deck will actually end up in the mail remains questionable. Many sellers only present Valve’s order confirmation as proof of ownership, which only includes an inaccurate delivery date.

Hope for better supply situation

It is to be hoped that Valve will be able to meet the high demand in a few months. In view of the extortionate prices, interested parties can only wait for a better supply situation.

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