Steam Deck: Over 1,000 games compatible with the handheld

Manufacturer Valve reports that over 1,000 PC games are now compatible with the Steam Deck.

In principle, all PC games of the past decades can be used on Valve’s handheld PC Steam Deck. However, since the underlying Steam OS has to use Proton for many Windows games, there are still incompatible titles. The list of compatible games has now also increased past 1,000, according to Valve. These games are considered verified or playable.

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High standards of verification

In the announcement, manufacturer Valve once again emphasizes that high standards apply when checking games for the Steam Deck. The controller support is being tested extensively, and anti-cheat solutions must also be implemented. We want to continue working on improvements to PC games for Steam Deck. Bugs were also fixed in Proton, which serves as the basis for emulating Windows games on the Linux-based Steam Deck.

“playable” vs. “verified”

Using the example of controller support, Valve wants to show that a release as “verified” is associated with very high requirements: the controller symbols would be displayed in 99 percent of the cases, but there would still be an occasional notification that a key was pressed on the keyboard , then a title is “playable” but not yet “verified”. If an optional mini-game crashes or a tutorial video doesn’t display, the game ends up on the unsupported list. In this way, Valve wants to guarantee that games classified as compatible also work 100 percent on the Steam deck. The list is expected to grow significantly in the coming weeks and months.

View a list of all games compatible with Steam Deck

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