Steam Deck: The top 10 most played games

Owners of a Steam Deck are not only satisfied with simple indie games, but also like to play blockbusters on the go.

With the Steam Deck, Valve offers a mobile gaming platform that has enough power to play current blockbusters on the go. The manufacturer has now revealed which games flicker across the Steam Deck screen most frequently using a top 10 list of the most played titles.

“Elden Ring” at number 1

According to this, in May 2022 the extensive action-adventure “Elden Ring” was played most frequently on the Steam Deck. This is followed by “Vampire Survivors”, a survival game with minimalist graphics, which is still in the Early Access phase. The action game “Rogue Legacy 2” offers a much more respectable look, but still belongs in the corner of the indie games. “Stardew Valley”, which is based on the classic “Harvest Moon”, ends up in 4th place. With “No Man’s Sky” finally follows an old acquaintance – the space epic always attracts new players with its huge game world.

Card games and RPGs

Sixth place goes to the card game “Slay the Spire”. With “Hades” follows a classic, the rogue-lite game has already won numerous prizes. After that, the aged role-playing game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” can secure eighth place. The hard-hitting “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” landed in 9th place. The “Aperture Desk Job”, which is based on “Portal”, took 10th place.

Long waiting times

The top list is clouded only by the fact that Valve still can’t roll enough Steam decks off the assembly line. Accordingly, buyers will have to be patient for quite a while. The waiting times are several months.

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