Steam Deck: Valve has doubled delivery quantities

Valve is now shipping twice as many Steam Decks per week. This should serve the pre-order faster.

With the Steam Deck, Valve has established a very interesting gaming platform. The handheld console houses a full PC. This allows you to play many games from your own Steam library on the go. The performance of the Steam Deck is high enough not to have to do without graphic finesse. Thanks to the pre-installed Steam OS, the Steam Deck can also be used as a fully-fledged computer in combination with a screen, mouse and keyboard.

Doubling of delivery quantities

However, there is a catch: If you order a Steam plug now, you have to wait until the third quarter. The list of pre-orders is very long, plus there are problems with the supply chains and the general shortage of semiconductors. Now, however, Valve has

surprisingly announced
, that you can now ship twice as many Steam Deck consoles per week. In addition, the reservation emails for the third quarter are to be sent out in the coming days. The emails for the pre-orders for the second quarter have already been sent to buyers. All pre-orders for the third quarter should, however, receive an email on June 30th.

Chip crisis over?

Exactly how Valve was able to increase production volumes in such a way remains unclear. As a result, many pre-orderers are likely to get their hands on their Steam Deck sooner than expected. Apparently, AMD now has the chip crisis well under control. Other manufacturers can also deliver better again. The prices of graphics cards have finally been falling again for many years. Perhaps this can be understood as the first sign that the chip crisis could soon be behind us.

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