Steam Deck: Windows can now be installed on it

Windows 10 can now be installed on the Steam Deck, Valve has released the appropriate drivers.

Manufacturer Valve was very open with its handheld PC right from the start. Users should be able to install Windows on the AMD APU-based platform in addition to the pre-installed SteamOS. So far, however, the appropriate drivers have not been available. But even without Windows, many games could be started via Proton on the Steam Deck. The performance losses are manageable.

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Free drivers for Windows 10

Surprisingly, Valve has now released drivers so that Windows 10 can actually be installed on the Steam Deck. The drivers ensure support for the specialized components in Steam Deck and are intended to transform the system into a mobile Windows computer. However, there are several catches when installing Windows on the Steam Deck: Only Windows 10 is currently supported. If you want to install the current Windows 11, you still have to wait for a BIOS update, which Valve is currently working on. The simultaneous installation of Windows and SteamOS is currently only possible indirectly. Valve says it’s working on a simple way to dual boot. Until then, users have to make the appropriate boot selection themselves.

Problem child: Audio

According to initial reports, the drivers for the graphics unit, WLAN and Bluetooth should work very well. However, the audio output via the jack plug of the Steam Deck should still cause problems. Alternatively, players will need to use a Bluetooth audio device or a USB-C headphone adapter. Valve wants to fix these issues as soon as possible.

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