Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft: These games are free – Far Cry 6

This weekend there are again free games on Steam, the Epic Store and Ubisoft. Partly permanently free of charge, partly for a limited period of time. With Far Cry 6 among them is a real hit.

Epic Games Store: Unrailed!

For railroad fans, “Unrailed!” Worth a look. From the description on Epic Games Store: “Unrailed! is a chaotic online and couch co-op multiplayer railroading game in which you and your friends build a train route through endless procedurally generated worlds. Survive encounters with their inhabitants, improve your train and don’t let it derail!”

The rating is very good at 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can keep the game for free forever.

Unrailed! is available for free here in the Epic Games Store until August 11th, 2022

Steam: LastOasis

This game is ideal for end-ages and apocalypse fans, as the game description states: “Keep moving, the world is dying! In this survival-focused nomadic MMO, you build mobile bases that walk around as walkers. Kick Join a clan, fight for land and take up sword to plunder, rob, trade and survive.”

You can play Last Oasis for three days for free. If you like it, then you should be quick, because until August 8, 2022 you can get it with a 50 percent discount for only 12.49 euros. The ratings on Steam are considered “balanced”.

Last Oasis until 8.8. Play for free and buy heavily discounted on Steam

Ubisoft Connect: Far Cry 6

With the first-person shooter Far Cry 6 you can reduce stress really well. You dive into the chaotic world of a modern guerrilla revolution and liberate a nation from its dictator and his son – at least that’s what the game description promises.

You can play Far Cry 6 Download for free with a Ubisoft Connect account until 8/8/2022. After that you can buy it at prices starting at 24 euros instead of 59.99 euros.

Far Cry 6 to 8.8. Play for free with Ubisoft Connect and then buy with a deep discount

Steam: Monster 2

“Monstrum” is an asymmetric multiplayer game. As in the “Dead by Daylight” model, a player slips into the role of a monster, the others have to flee. Hide and run are often the best options. The monster can also be outwitted by clever cooperation.

Play Monster 2 for free this weekend

Steam: Republic

“Republique” was originally developed for mobile devices. As the developer studio is celebrating its 10th anniversary, the title is permanently available for free on Steam. The player helps the young woman Hope in this adventure by monitoring what is happening on surveillance cameras, thereby helping Hope to escape from a totalitarian state.

Download Republic for free on Steam

Steam: Despotism 3k

The last free game can be kept permanently if you add it to your Steam collection by August 11th. “Despotism 3k” is a resource management simulation in which people must be exploited in order to establish a mechanical empire. If you like black humor, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth here.

Download Despotism 3k for free on Steam until August 11th

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