Steam: Users have been waiting for this button

A new feature allows Steam users to save a lot of time when purchasing free content.

The game distribution platform Steam has been around for almost 20 years. During this time, the digital game store has received many new functions. But users had to wait an eternity for one function. The problem: Up to now, if you wanted to add a free game or an add-on to your Steam library, you had to activate the green button on the relevant page on Steam to start the game. Only then did the respective content end up in your own collection.

Awkward free content

If the game is already installed, the button starts the respective content. If the title is not yet on the hard drive, the installation will be initiated. This must then be stopped again by the user if the new content is only to be added to the collection. If several DLCs were offered for free at the same time, the game had to be started to add each piece of content.

Handy button

From now on there is also a blue button on Steam that moves content to the Steam library – without installation and game start. In the meantime, the button has also been translated. Next to the buttons to start a game, free offers have a blue button that says “Add to Library”. The title then moves into your own collection without starting the game (example: “Republique” on Steam).

users are happy

Meanwhile, Steam users are excited about the new ability to add free content to their collection. It saves a lot of time compared to the previous method. Especially for games for which several free DLCs are offered at the same time, the new button can prevent a lot of trouble with constant game starts. Why it took the operators so long to integrate this feature remains an open question.

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