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The AEX opens with a 0.3% profit at 682.7 points. On Wednesday, the AEX lost ground. The AMX records a 0.5% increase to 1013.3 points.

Elsewhere in Europe, the stock markets moved at the same pace.

In the Netherlands, the VVD has signed off as the largest party in the House of Representatives elections.

Investors are watching the Bank of England’s 1pm notifications today.

In Asia, the Nikkei is 1% higher. The Hangseng index is up 1.6%. Tech companies are performing strongly again.

In New York stock markets went to records on Wednesday. The first futures to open trading at 2:30 the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq are up around 0.2%. Nike and Fedex report quarterly results.

Powell is supportive

Investors received strong support from the US Federal Reserve. It promises not to raise interest rates until well into 2023 and to support the economic recovery until unemployment and inflation pick up.

In the statement, Chairman Jerome Powell reported seeing a strengthening US economy with 6.5% growth for this year. Recent inflation is insufficient to consider hitting policy rates quickly, Powell said.

Interest is rising

In response, however, interest rates for the US 10-year Treasury went higher to 1,667%. The German Bund gains up to -0.292%.

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The euro drops a fraction to $ 1.1976. Bitcoin moves up 1.8% to $ 58,887.

“The US dollar is likely to fall against other currencies such as euro and British pound,” said Kevin Verstraete of broker Lynx.

The oil price fell 0.3% to $ 67.70 per barrel (158.9 liters). It is the fifth day of decline in a row, as US oil stocks picked up. Gold strength rose 1.3% to $ 1749, silver plus 2.4%.

Vaccination verdict

The European Union is awaiting the verdict of its medical regulator EMA on the AstraZeneca vaccine after a number of governments decided to stop its administration.

With the main funds it says ArcelorMittal at 2.5% price gain at the top.

The interest decision gave insurer Aegon, with a large representation in the United States, 2.1% price appreciation. The US dollar is holding back the stock, broker IG said. Technology Fund Prosus plus by 1.4%.

ING (+ 0.8%) has to answer to the American courts according to media reports. The bank is said to have been guilty of manipulating the interest for its customers.

The raw materials branch of ABN Amro (+ 1.4%) is in the spotlight at a Japanese investment bank, according to media. ABN also suffered a defeat at complaints institute Kifid in a case for ‘usurious interest’. The bank is consulting with the Consumers’ Association, which is preparing a million-dollar claim, but still denies debt.

At the bottom of the AEX is beer brewer Heineken (-0.8%) and broadcaster Randstad (-0.4%).

In the Midkap TKH Group 4% profit and takes the head there. Chip supplier Besi provides investors with a profit of more than 2%. The ‘industry’ sector has continued with Aalberts, Fugro and Aperam purchased on increases of 1.5%.

Secondment Brunel plus with the small caps with 8% price gain.

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