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Stef Bos writes lyrics for a musical about Checkpoint Charlie

Stef Bos is not sitting still and we see him ‘suddenly’ everywhere. Now he is back to work with lyrics for a musical about Checkpoint Charlie.

That ‘suddenly’ is of course not entirely true. Stef Bos toured until corona in our lives came to sold-out theaters year after year. But since his acclaimed participation in The Best Singers, we see the Dutchman living in Belgium more and more often on the TV. KRO-NCRV also gave Bos its own program last autumn, Serenade from Stef.

Stef Bos shines at the May 5 concert

Last night Stef Bos shone at the May 5 concert in the Royal Theater Carré. During the closing of Liberation Day, he told anecdotes and sang a number of songs. André van Duin, Maan and the Syrian teenager Hanin (18) also performed very well in Amsterdam. Claudia de Breij dared to do it for her May I Be With You partly in German.

But back to today’s Stef Bos news. He reaches for his musical pen for the Dutch musical Checkpoint Charlie. Goedemorgen Theaterproducties will bring the new production to theaters from January 2023. Said producer has even yet to release his first musical. That will be Hugo de Groot, the musical about the writer who managed to escape from Loevestein Castle exactly 400 years ago in a bookcase. Hugo de Groot, the musical will – if the corona virus allows it – be played on location for two weeks from 5 June. This takes place in a corona-proof converted theater De Nieuwe Doelen in Gorinchem.

Checkpoint Charlie visits theaters

Checkpoint Charlie is the first traveling musical production of producer Fons van Rongen. Van Rongen: “The time is right to tell the story of the Berlin Wall (Checkpoint Charlie was a checkpoint at a passage, ed.). The time is right to tell about the people whose lives were touched by that wall. That was a time when many people experienced grief, but some actually found happiness. We want the public to empathize with those feelings. The mosaic narrative that we have chosen as a form fits beautifully with it. ”

Lyrics of Stef Bos

The lyrics of Checkpoint Charlie are written by Stef Bos, of course known for his hits like Daddy and Is this later now. Bos has always had an affinity with this period in history. This is the first time that he writes lyrics especially for a musical. Bos: “The time of the GDR was diffuse, that affects people. Somewhere similar to the unclear time we live in now. At the time there was a physical wall that divided the people, now one that we cannot see. ”

Story Checkpoint Charlie

Many know the story of the fall of the wall in 1989. But what was it like to live with the wall in Berlin? In Checkpoint Charlie in two years’ time we will follow different residents of Berlin, all of whom, from one day to the next, will be locked up in ‘their’ part of the city.

We will see a singer who dreams and fantasizes about a free life outside of Berlin with her best friend. About performing with her own band, all over the world. The producer about it: “The singer’s dream shatters on the brand new barbed wire.” We also see a border guard doing his rounds day after day, without believing in the ideals he must defend and guard. And at the checkpoint, the American soldier is on guard. He sees the people who wake up on August 13, 1961 in a dark world, separated from their families, their dreams and the city as they knew it. Through the wall.

Checkpoint Charlie will be brought to Dutch theaters in collaboration with Impact Entertainment. For more, but now still brief information, look here.

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