Stef from Holland’s Got Talent wants to combat bullying with his own clothing line

Stef has a goal in mind: he believes that everyone can be themselves and will do everything he can to continue to promote that. When he competed in Holland’s Got Talent he told the judges that he loves glittery suits. The 9-year-old was subsequently bullied at school. In response to this, he released the song ‘If You Can Be Yourself’, which he uses to combat bullying. Stef now goes a step further and launches his own clothing line Shine by Stef.

The clothing line contains all kinds of cool pieces, such as polos, sweaters and t-shirts. Stef hopes to be a source of inspiration for other children who are bullied. “I want to show kids who are bullied that I stand behind them,” explains de HGTparticipant to EditieNL. The clothing line is also a collaboration with the Stop Pesten Nu foundation, where part of the proceeds go to.

Stef is no longer bullied at school, but that used to be different. “That glitter heels are not for boys … We were all like: that’s how Stef is, he’s always been like that. He is made for the stage”, his mother Anouska tells EditieNL.

Tommy and Rowan took the win last year Holland’s Got Talent. The dance duo also wants to do well with the prize money. They tell you what they are up to in the video below.


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