Steve Jobs had a special habit when talking to others

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

When you think of Steve Jobs, you can’t avoid remembering his famous Apple presentations. 1984 the first Mac, 1998 the first iMac, 2007 the first iPhone. It was about selling a technical revolution to the public. And the Apple founder, who died in 2011, mastered this like no other.

When he took the stage, he literally conquered it. He captured every viewer, whether in front of the screen or in the hall, for himself.

In a guest article for the business magazine “Inc.”, the founder Marcel Schwantes describes how, in his opinion, Jobs managed to do this. His theory: It was Steve Jobs’ way of looking people in the eye.

You might think that staring at hundreds or even thousands of viewers at an Apple presentation is not that easy. But according to Schwantes, Jobs has a gift that no other tech founder has ever had, and which researcher Michael Ellsberg calls a “reality distortion field”.

Ellsberg is the author of the book “The Power of Eye Contact” and describes this field as “an aura of charisma, self-confidence and conviction that people all around cannot escape when they interact with this person face to face.”

Ellsberg gives some tips in his book on how you too can build up this field around you:

Steve Jobs had a habit of talking to people – it made him successful

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