Steve Jobs has been working on a secret project for the past 2 months

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs is one of the most important personalities in the computer industry – even his critics agree on that. With products like the “iPhone” or the “MacBook”, the late American not only thrilled millions of people, but also built up his Apple empire.

In a report by the business channel “CNBC”, however, it became known that Jobs was working on a completely unique, secret project before his death – apart from all the products he had previously developed.

The well-known American IT journalist Walter Mossberg revealed what the secret plans of Steve Jobs were: Jobs was close friends with Mossberg for years and even called him on the day of his resignation as Apple’s CEO to inform him about his new ideas.

Jobs told Mossberg about his plans on the phone

Mossberg told CNBC that Jobs called him on August 24, 2011 to tell him about his new project. Because although he had passed his management position on to Tim Cook, he wanted to keep an important role at Apple. There was one thing that he really wanted to get involved in: the reinvention of the television.

Apple had made early attempts to establish itself in the television industry by wanting to develop a new type of television magazine and also a new television service. However, these efforts have repeatedly failed. Jobs himself described the TV business as “awful” but worked on it until his death.

“I think we have found a way to implement it and it will be fantastic,” Jobs is said to have said excitedly to Mossberg during his phone call, referring to a completely new TV project. With this, he had also proposed to Mossberg an appointment on October 5, 2011, at which the two would talk about the progress of the project. However, it never came to that – Jobs succumbed to cancer before that.

“Jobs were about more than expanding the Apple TV multimedia box”

Jobs is likely to have taken his secret with him to the grave. However, Mossberg is sure that Jobs was about much more than expanding the Apple TV multimedia box. Instead, he is said to have had plans for an integrated television.

“If you’d asked me five minutes after the call, I would have told you Jobs wanted to overhaul the entire television. It would have been typical of Apple, so it would have been of high quality and very easy to use. But for him it was about more than just hardware, that was also clear, “said Mossberg to the trade journal” Recode “.

After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple made only tentative attempts to enter the TV industry. Tim Cook is now said to have no big plans for the future and is focusing more on the Apple TV streaming box.

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