Sticky Notes – An overview of the Windows Post-its

Sticky Notes is a small program that you can use to stick digital sticky notes on your desktop – much like post-its.

Often you can see monitors of office workers, the edges of which are completely covered with Post-it notes. On the one hand, the small paper flags are of course very practical. On the other hand, such notes can also be created digitally much more elegantly.

Corresponding tools are available in abundance, with short notes in English

Sticky Notes

, Windows also has one on board. You can find it in the start menu or call it up by entering briefly in the search field on the Windows taskbar. Windows may expect you to log in with a Microsoft account in order to synchronize notes between multiple devices.

You can create a new note by clicking the plus sign in the top left. In the window that opens, type in your text and format it using the buttons at the bottom of the window. After clicking on “Add image” on the far right, you can insert an image. Use the three dots at the top to set the background color for the note. A click on the cross in the top right saves the note, after which it appears in the list of short notes. Double-click on a note to edit it, right-click to delete it.

You can display the sticky notes as a list or as individual windows. Use the menu with the three dots in the title bar to return to the list view.


You can display the sticky notes as a list or as individual windows. Use the menu with the three dots in the title bar to return to the list view.

Via the gear symbol at the top you can reach the “Settings” of the program. There you can switch off the security query when deleting notes and select the display of the program background. The button “Activate findings” has no function in the German version.

At the bottom you will find the button “Synchronize now”. If you have signed in to Windows with a Microsoft account, you can use this to send your notes to Onenote for Android and iPhone as well as to the website
transfer. If you log in to a Microsoft e-mail account with Outlook, your sticky notes will also appear in the program’s “Notes”.

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