Still an opportunity for citizens’ initiative to buy a piece of HEMA

The idea now exists that private individuals with a preference for the typically Dutch chain can invest money in HEMA in addition to Parcom and Mississippi. They receive depositary receipts for shares for this. “These are sort of derivatives of shares,” explains co-initiator Mei Li Vos. “In principle, it is primarily a dividend. So holders of depositary receipts can share in the profit in exchange for their investment. But there may also be some form of control. For example, there are already people who say that they have a certain old garden chair back in HEMA. want to have “, said the Senate for the PvdA.

Behind Koop de HEMA is the foundation The Only Dutch Initiative (HENA). The foundation has set up its own investment fund on the alternative stock exchange Nxchange, in which private individuals can invest in order to obtain a piece of HEMA. At this moment 1300 people have done this, but according to Vos there is a much larger group of 13,000 interested people. She could not yet say how much money has been raised.

Exactly how the collaboration between HEMA fans and professional investment companies will go will only become clear after the acquisition by Parcom and Mississippi is certain. This is expected to be discussed further in January.

Ton van Veen, financial director of Jumbo and representative of Mississippi, is enthusiastic. “We are very happy with the support of all those involved HEMA fans, it shows us how beloved HEMA is and that gives us confidence for the future.”


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