Stone chips: smart repair, glass damage, windshield

It happened quickly: A pebble was thrown up from the road and caused a dent in the windshield. Caution: Even minor damage can degenerate into a large crack or even a splintering of the entire pane due to the large temperature differences or night frost in autumn and winter.

Stone chips on the windscreen should therefore be removed quickly. The range of service companies that can repair the damage quickly is very large – and this is where you want to keep an overview.

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Either you have the repair carried out by one of the large glass companies such as Carglass, or you drive to workshop chains such as ATU or Euromaster.

In addition, a number of large car dealerships and independent workshops also offer a convenient repair or replacement service – increasingly also mobile glass experts such as Nobleglas. This saves time-consuming driving to the workshop, waiting on site or picking up your own vehicle.

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The range of services is therefore large. The workshop portal Repareo helps to keep the necessary overview: names of the workshops that offer the glass service, address, exact distance. And with just one click you can book an appointment online.
It is also very easy to search for the name of a specific company, select individual brands, limit the search radius as desired and order the desired service for the car. And: Those who book their workshop appointment via Repareo currently receive a ten-euro fuel voucher.

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