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‘Stop Black Friday’, Extinction Rebellion demands

It can hardly have escaped you: it is tomorrow Black Friday. The “consumption holiday” that is not hailed by everyone. In fact: “Stop Black Friday! “Is the demand of the” fashion rebels “. Better come to them with your hole in your pants guerrilla repair. And don’t buy new ones. Better for that hole in your hand too.

It sounds grittier than it is: guerrilla repair, one of the actions of Extinction Rebellion (XR) up tomorrow Black Friday. “We are in unexpected places unannounced,” explains spokesman Lucas Winnips. Although it will mainly be just before the major fashion chains in large cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, he agrees.

Rip in your jeans

While sitting on the floor, expect the industrious activist hands of Fashion Action, one of the autonomous groups of XR, who sew your tear in your jeans and / or button on your blouse with a green heart and needle and thread. Or they make it “something creative” with colored pieces of fabric. In any case, it saves you a ride to your tailor or a new (online) purchase. And that is exactly what XR with their striking actions is all about.

Awareness of consumers and a (peaceful) approach to the big fashion chains. And they do that with planned and unannounced promotions. Not as “should” be, but necessary, says Winnips. “Civil disobedience sounds like” that is not allowed, “but it is actually part of a healthy democracy.” He cites the example of women’s suffrage: “That was accelerated by the rebels of that time. Sometimes you have to create friction for the attention that is needed. ”

Last time

“Did you know that a whole truck full of clothing is dumped every second worldwide and that 200 million kilos of textiles are thrown away in the Netherlands every year?” He adds a few tidbits. “And that the fashion industry’s share in CO2 emissions is 10 percent?” In short: time for action, op Black Friday, a day that should be celebrated for the last time this year as far as XR is concerned.

“We are selling ourselves out,” is the basis for the current global status quo. “We are killing lives with our overconsumption.” It all sounds very tough and it is certainly not wrong if you buy something tomorrow, he says quickly afterwards, “but we want to create awareness in creative ways tomorrow”.

Rave rebels

They also hand out clothes tomorrow, there is ‘absurdist street theater’ and then there is also the toxic system rave. Still a small festival on the street? No, not that either. “Let me first say that we of course observe all corona rules, so it will not be a big street party. But there is music. It’s a way to convey a serious message in an attractive visual way. ”

Bare breasts

And that can be done in many ways. For example, Flemish women of XR in Belgium recently showed their bare breasts during a protest against the dominant role of men in the system. And such bold action fits their movement, he agrees. “We want to draw attention to what we are fighting for in passive, but always playful and creative ways.” When asked whether we can expect bare breasts tomorrow, Winnips has to laugh. Maybe, he decides. “Tomorrow there are actions all over the country that could turn out to be very spectacular.”

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“Stop Black Friday”, demand these rebels who want to screw a hole in your pants


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