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Stop5GNL loses, 5G network can be rolled out of court

The 5G network of the court in The Hague may be rolled out nationally in the Netherlands. The Stop5GNL foundation has lost summary proceedings against the Dutch state.

The foundation had demanded to stop the roll-out of 5G because they believe the health risks have not been sufficiently investigated. However, the judge ruled that the government will comply with all regulations and that the limits will not be exceeded when 5G is introduced. Stop5GNL protested Monday at the court in The Hague (which can be seen in the photo above this article).

According to the preliminary relief judge, there are no indications that the experts of the RIVM and the Health Council, on which the State relies, acted carelessly and had no eye for criticism of the introduction of 5G.

5G may be rolled out
Pieta Janssen of Stop5GNL after the summary judgment. Photo: / Lex van Lieshout

Judge cannot weigh conflicting opinions

The judge explained in his oral statement that he cannot weigh all the conflicting opinions of various experts. He did, however, quote a report from RIVM stating that researchers have not discovered a direct link between various diseases and electromagnetic waves. “If it appears that the roll-out of 5G still exceeds limits and threatens health risks, the State has indicated that it will intervene and adjust the limits applied. Under these circumstances, there is no reason for me to ban the introduction of 5G, ”said the judge.

The government plans to auction the frequencies for the 5G network in June.

Sneaky and devious

Subway discussed the subject more often and spoke, among other things, to concerned citizen Rob Verboog. Verboog said at the end of February: “” It is now being forced on the entire Dutch people in a sneaky and devious way, and most of them don’t even realize how sneaky this is going on. The way our government wants to roll out 5G quickly along with telecom is just plain dirty. ” Various reader columnists also discussed 5G via this site. Here you will find an example.

At the end of January, several hundred people gathered on Dam Square in Amsterdam to protest against the rollout of the network.

After the coronavirus outbreak, several people said “it was because of 5G.” Incidentally, this opinion did not play a role in the court case.

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5G network can be rolled out of court


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