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Story Rutger Bregman becomes Hollywood movie | Entertainment

Bregman wrote down the story about the six friends for his book Most people are good, which came out in September in the Netherlands. A preview of the English translation was published two weeks ago The Guardian and went viral. Numerous film studios lined up to be able to film the special story.

The story is about six boys who got bored in 1965, stole a fishing boat and went on an adventure. In a storm, the ship drifted and washed up on a remote desert island after eight days. Working together the teenagers managed to survive and after 15 months they were rescued by an Australian sailor. Bregman wrote the story under the heading The real Lord of the Flies, a reference to the literary classic Lord of the Flies.


“Many studios approached me to buy the rights, but of course it is not my story. People in Tonga have been telling their children about it for generations, ”writes Bregman Twitter. Within a few days he managed to get in touch with the protagonists still alive. “We agreed to work together and share all proceeds (I donate my share to a Tongan charity).”

“Finally, after 50 years, the survivors are reconnected and the world will hear their story. New Regency has promised to make every effort to strive for cultural authenticity and to collaborate as much as possible with local filmmakers. (…) I am so grateful and honored to have been able to play a part in this. We think New Regency will make it an unforgettable film and we are all looking forward to the day we meet on the red carpet. ”


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