Stray: A summer games hit it needed now

The cat adventure Stray is currently exciting gamers. We reveal why and why the game appeared at the right time.

The game Stray is currently conquering the hearts of PC and Playstation gamers. Given the otherwise grim news (war of aggression against Ukraine, Covid, inflation, gas crisis, heat…) the game obviously hit the right nerve.

In the game, the player takes control of a beautifully animated and purring stray cat in a lovingly crafted cyberpunk world. There is no shooting, chattering or banging on the plaster here, but it is quiet and leisurely. As a player you are allowed to discover the exciting world from the perspective of a cat and in no hurry to solve the puzzles and reach the ultimate goal of the game, which is the way home. You can really put yourself in the world of a cat, explore every corner, no matter how remote. If you put the PS5 controller to one side and don’t move the cat, the Dualsense controller starts to purr. When has something like this happened before in a game?

The game is available on Steam for 26.99 euros, for Playstation 4 and 5 it costs 29.99 euros in the Playstation Store. Anyone who has subscribed to Playstation Plus Extra will receive it for free in their game library. A nice summer gift from Sony, in our opinion. Because the game is really, really good!

Stray gets top ratings

The game from the developers of BlueTwelve Studio, released on July 19, 2022, is the current top seller on Steam. There are almost 20,000 reviews and all of them are “positive”. There are just under 500 negative reviews. Other games have to do that first. The game is listed on Metacritic with an average rating of 83 percent (PC) and 85 percent (PS5). These are the average values ​​of the trade press, the average of the user ratings is an impressive 9.6 out of 10 points.

Too bad there’s no announcement of an Xbox version yet, but we’re betting Microsoft would love to include the title in Game Pass. The developer’s Playstation Plus deal with Sony should currently stand in the way.

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