Stress about winter sports: ‘If you are not vaccinated, you have a problem’

After a great autumn holiday full of bookings, the uncertainty is also completely back among entrepreneurs in the travel industry.

“There is less booking, especially winter sports holidays,” says Frank Oostdam, director of travel industry organization ANVR. “Due to the fierce corona discussion in the Netherlands, people are already very reluctant to book.”

New corona rules

Austria in particular keeps people busy. That country was the first to introduce new corona rules this week, which are now known as the 2G policy. 2G means that only vaccinated and cured people from Covid-19 are still welcome. A negative test is no longer enough.

But the country went one step further: the validity of the QR code of people who have been vaccinated will be reduced from 360 to 270 days in December. And one shot with the Janssen vaccine is no longer valid at all from January.

‘Very confusing’

Worrying, they find at travel organization TUI. “For some people, this may mean that the vaccination has ‘expired’ over the spring break,” said a TUI spokesperson. “It will be very confusing for travelers if each country will determine its own validity period for the vaccinations.” TUI therefore hopes with the ANVR that this will be quickly coordinated at European level.

At TUI, they expect more countries to implement the 2G policy. “The currently enormously increasing infections in the Netherlands will only encourage them to do so. You can travel perfectly with that condition.”

Short clap

ANVR director Oostdam is in favor of 2G policy in more countries. Certainly now that ten of the twelve Dutch provinces are colored dark red on the European risk map of the ECDC. “We are in favor of a short but severe blow to ensure that the Netherlands will soon be confronted with as few travel restrictions as possible.”

According to him, winter sports enthusiasts who have been vaccinated have nothing to fear – apart from the uncertainty in Austria. “If you are not vaccinated, you have a problem. Or you have to be tested every time: when purchasing a ski pass, which is also valid for a shorter period, at the ski lifts and at hotels. Then it becomes very difficult.”

Many questions

At winter sports provider Sunweb they are now getting a lot of questions from travelers. “What do the measures mean for my holiday? I have not been vaccinated, what now?” sums up a Sunweb spokesperson. According to the company, travel is not a problem as long as everyone adheres to the basic rules and uses the corona proof.

Sunweb calls on the Dutch government to make it clear that new restrictions are not being considered for traveling abroad. “Winter sports in the open air is healthy, people travel with their own transport and stay in an apartment. In addition, the winter sports destinations have also invested heavily in safety measures and are ready to make the season as safe as possible.”

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