Stress in the Tesla lounge: man physical, verbally abused and threatened customers without a mask

The Supercharger location in Dietikon near Zurich is actually one of the more pleasant ones at Tesla: It opened in spring 2019 and was the first in Europe to offer not only fast direct current charging, but also a chic lounge with a children’s corner and shop. However, a Swiss customer had very unpleasant experiences there: Because he did not wear a mask while waiting, he was threatened, verbally abused and physically attacked by the head of the Tesla station.

Update: A Tesla representative commented on the incident and emphasized that the attacker was not an employee of the company. Tesla merchandise is sold in the building, “but that has nothing to do with us”. The ID that was later shown in the video was only issued by a Tesla club, and the wearer himself confirmed to the police that he did not belong to Tesla.

YouTube channel with criticism of corona policy

Daniel Stricker operates the YouTube channel StrickerTV with 11,600 subscribers, which he apparently set up four months ago in protest against his government’s coronavirus policy. There is a “wonderful” lounge at the Supercharger in Dietikon, he says in a recent video. Because he is not allowed to wear a mask for health reasons, he is currently avoiding visits to such public places. At a Tesla location, however, he assumed that nothing unpleasant would happen.

But far from it. He had a quick look at the Supercharger in the Tesla shop, but was advised by an employee (without a mask) about the mask requirement there, says Stricker in the video. He then sat down in the lounge area. After just two minutes, he said, the first scene began, which he documented on video. Not everything can be seen and heard in it, but you see a man and understand that he immediately calls on the customer and talks about his “fucking camera”.

Immediately afterwards the picture turns black for a moment, apparently because the charging Tesla customer is being physically approached, while “get out of here” can be heard several times; meanwhile the woman from the shop is also involved, who loudly joins the request. Then you see something again, and Stricker tries to explain that he only wants to sit in the lounge for two minutes. The opponent uses the phrase “because of such assholes like you” in his reply. The YouTuber mentions that he has a mask certificate, which the Tesla man “doesn’t care” in his words.

Tesla customer is bleeding from his wrist

Another customer can be seen from across the street, who also criticizes the man without a mask, but remains civil; by the YouTuber he is called “Blockwart”. He also pans briefly to the woman from the shop – and then the perspective suddenly changes, apparently because his camera is torn or knocked away. At some point in this scene, the YouTuber must have suffered a bloody wrist, which he presents in the video. According to his account, it came about when the other man tried to drag him out of the lounge by the foot.

The accused said in a second video clip that the waiting person had taught himself the injury with his glasses. But there are other unsightly actions to be seen in it. In a minute he will be leaving, announces Stricker, while the man, the shop woman and the second person waiting (whom he again calls the block attendant) ask to leave. When asked, the first man describes himself as belonging to Tesla and even shows his name tag. The employee in the shop is his wife and almost cried after meeting the Tesla driver – “Now, finally, fuck off”.

Supercharger incident has consequences

At least the scene ends without further physical attacks, but the man with the Tesla ID actually seems to have lost his temper. While he continued to rant, he opened the door for the customer with his wrist, which was still bleeding, but when he was filming while walking back into the lounge, the employee threatened him with being beaten and called him an “old bastard”. Stricker reciprocates with a “Nazi” directed into the room (the Tesla man has a West German accent), the video scene ends outside in the rain at the Supercharger.

The called police told him that both sides had contributed to the incident, Stricker finally reports, but he insisted that he behaved completely correctly. The attacker called himself a Tesla employee late and even explicitly allowed filming twice, which is why he also published the videos. In exchange for an apology and compensation for his broken glasses, Stricker said he would have waived a criminal complaint, but the man who, according to the YouTuber, is supposed to manage the Tesla location in Dietikon as an external force, was not prepared to do so. So the matter is likely to have legal consequences.


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