Stromae is working on new music after 7 years

It has been seven years since Stromae released new music, but that long wait now seems to be coming to an end. Stromae is working on new music. He doesn’t have a date yet.

Yes, it has really already been since ‘Racine Carrée’ from 2013 that Belgian pride Stromae came up with new music. Since then he has been on a musical break and mainly focuses on his fashion line. A few years ago, he still directed the video for the song IDGAF from Dua Lipa. But now he would come up with his own music again.


Stromae faced complications in 2015 after having to take the anti-malarial drug Lariam during his tour. That is why he decided to slow down. In 2017 he announced that he had his music career on hold put.

In the years that followed, he still made music sporadically, but a full album was not released. For example, in February 2018 Stromae worked together with the French rapper Orelsan for the song La Pluie. He made the song in April 2018 Defiler to support his clothing line. For the video of that song he was awarded the MIA for best video clip that year. In November 2019 he collaborated with the British band Coldplay on the song Arabesque.

New job

And now Stromae announced in an interview with the French Libération that he will come up with new work. “At some point there will be an album, but I don’t really have a date yet.”

We will probably have to be patient for a while, but Stromae has certainly not said goodbye to the music world. “I never really stopped, except at a time when I was really not doing well. I am busy with music every day, I work with and for others. ”


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