Strong competitor for Zonderland: “It’s a bit double” Sport

They were on stage together at the 2017 World Cup, with Zonderland hanging silver around his neck and Deurloo receiving the bronze. “It’s a bit double,” the three-time world champion on rack continues. “I see him more as a teammate, but in fact he is a competitor at the same time. But now the team interest has disappeared and he is a bit more competitive. ”

The Dutch gymnasts did not qualify as a team for the Games in Tokyo at the last world championship in Stuttgart. Deurloo qualified individually as a multi-camp and can also reach the Olympic horizontal bar final through this route.

Zonderland turned gold in London in 2012 by being the first gymnast to perform the flight elements Cassina, Kovacs and Kolman one after the other. Deurloo regularly shows images on social media showing four successive flight elements. That has also never been shown in competition, but will not happen for the time being. Such an exercise carries too much risk. And so Deurloo also goes for three elements. Same as Zonderland in London, but in a different order.

The competition can yield fascinating images in Tokyo next year, although Zonderland must therefore officially qualify first. “We prefer not to see it that way. But it would be nice if you both succeed in Japan. I would like that best. ”

By winning the World Cup in Melbourne in February, Zonderland now occupies the necessary first place in the horizontal bar classification, which ultimately entitles to an Olympic starting permit. In addition, his last remaining competitor Hidetaka Miyachi unofficially withdrew for the last games. With that, the starting ticket would be in the hands of The Flying Dutchman come. But perhaps that the Japanese will still participate in the battle in 2021. “I take that into account,” says Zonderland. There is still one World Cup on the roll and that is the previously postponed match in Doha. The World Cup in question will probably be completed in March. The Asian danger is still lurking.


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