“Strong, never tough, sometimes annoying”: Merkel has been German Chancellor for 15 years

Angela Merkel has been German Chancellor for 15 years to the day, so on Sunday, November 22nd, there were congratulations, memories and a few tips. The French newspaper Le Parisien takes the anniversary as an opportunity to interview politicians with whom Merkel has held consultations and negotiations in the course of her career.
“She is by far the greatest political figure in Europe,” says former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. Merkel is “a woman who knows how to be strong, but never tough”.

“It can be annoying too”

Merkel is very factual, an example of “German quality”, recalled Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Prime Minister from 2012 to 2014. “It can also be annoying because it is sometimes very slow, not super funky.”

Other French politicians also describe the German Chancellor as someone who takes the time to make important decisions.

“Angela Merkel, a solid rock and a role model for women worldwide,” writes the Women’s Union on Twitter.

“Respected Worldwide”

The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, congratulates on Twitter: “Chancellor Merkel has taken decisive steps to make Europe stronger in times of challenges and is today one of the most respected leaders in the world.”

“Rhenish capitalism female”

The Italian Corriere della Sera writes on Sunday: “Angela Merkel made herself a present for the 15 years of her election as Chancellor, which are being celebrated today. After months of very difficult negotiations, the grand coalition reached an agreement on binding quotas for women on the boards of German companies. It is a historic turning point that is supposed to change the face of Rhenish capitalism, which has always been dominated by men. “

Looking for a successor

Long-time CDU chairwoman Merkel announced in October 2018 that she no longer wanted to run for the federal election in September 2021. Former Saarland Prime Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was elected as her successor at the head of the party in December 2018. The CDU is currently looking for a top candidate for the next election.

Extreme right against Merkel

From the right-wing AfD, at whose party congresses “Merkel has to go!” Is often called, negative comments about the anniversary come. “Hold on people, just one more year!” Wrote AfD member of the Bundestag Joana Cotar on Twitter, with a view to the next general election.


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