Student debt remains the same| Employee with corona back faster | And may Weststellingwerf gas extraction resume?

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At the beginning of 2021, Dutch students had an average of about 15,000 euros in student debt. That is the same as a year earlier; the number of students with a student loan has increased. In 2020, the government took a number of measures to help students financially, for example if they suffered a study delay due to corona.

Employees with mild corona symptoms are back to work faster than last year. They report better faster and are sick less than employees who were infected with the corona virus last year, according to figures from ArboNed and HumanCapitalCare.

Can gas be extracted again at Weststellingwerf? The Ministry of Economic Affairs already gave permission for this in 2019, but the municipalities of Weststellingwerf and Ooststellingwerf and various residents, among others, see no point in the plans. The Council of State will make a decision today.

In Germany, the new corona law comes into effect. This makes it mandatory for Germans to go to work or to travel by public transport with a corona ticket. People must have been vaccinated, cured or recently tested negative for the coronavirus. In the Netherlands, the 1,5 meter rule applies again from today.

This piece was the most shared yesterday:
For years she poured Rutte and Wilders coffee and, with the help of a member of parliament, found her father in Africa. Sara Baronete was a Chamberlain for 14 years. She recently changed course.

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This could come along at the coffee machine:

  • Think of it as the APK for your digital security: National Check Your Passwords Day.
  • Testing for the coronavirus is becoming a challenge, not only at the GGD.
  • Something different to get home delivered than a shawarma sandwich and a coke.
  • This journalist went undercover at PostNL in Belgium.
  • The new lockdown in Austria costs the country 1.2 billion euros per week.

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ps Haven’t we been too busy since the financial crisis of 2008 to flatten every wrinkle in the markets, asks RaboResearch economist Elwin de Groot.

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