Student organizations open a hotline for summer internship travel expenses

Student organizations the National Student Union (LSVb) and the Interurban Student Consultation (ISO) are launching an online hotline for students who still have to incur travel costs for lessons or internships between July 16 and August 16.

Something that is not covered by the student travel product, because it is not valid then. Much to the dismay of the student organizations.

Due to the corona crisis, educational institutions are looking for alternative forms of teaching. This is to prevent delays, says Lyle Muns, president of the National Student Union. “We understand the need for this, but it cannot be the case that students have to pay the bill for it.”


In recent weeks, the organizations received several reports from students who have to make up for their internship during the summer months due to the corona crisis. Working groups and lectures are also not excluded during the summer holidays and weekend education. Universities and universities of applied sciences can open on weekends to make up for the delays that students have suffered as a result of the corona crisis.

In addition to the travel costs that students have to incur for this, LSVb and ISO are also ‘not happy’ with the latter. “The corona crisis has had a major impact on higher education, with high demands from staff and teachers,” said ISO board member Leon van der Neut. “The ISO attaches importance to a rest period for both staff and students.”

Choice of educational institutions themselves

During the debate, Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven said that the choice lies with the educational institutions themselves. Muns has a comment on this. “Although the ministry states that it is not the intention to encourage educational institutions to provide education, for example in the evenings or weekends,” he says, “the minister himself opened the door last month by saying that study delay in such a way can be walked in. ”

With the launch of the hotline, the student organizations hope to get a better picture of the costs and size of the group of students who now have to attend summer education.

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Student organizations open a hotline for travel expenses for summer internships and summer lessons


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