Study on car subscriptions and electric cars: less risk

Car buyers, as car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer summarizes in a study by CAR, Ergo and Fleetpool as well as IBM (period: 4th quarter of 2021), are still uncertain when it comes to e-cars. For example, because of the charging infrastructure, the range, any repair costs or the resale prices of electric cars.

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One possible way out: car subscriptions, in which the buyer transfers all risks and covers everything except the electricity used with a fixed monthly rent. For Dudenhöffer, the car subscription is “a win-win strategy”.

Car subscriptions as a stimulus for the car market

With short contract terms of between 6 and 24 months, the customer is “additionally relieved of the risk of having to use a car that is less suitable for them in the long term”. So, he concludes, “car subscriptions are suitable for stimulating the market for electric cars”.

The crux of the matter: Almost half of those surveyed for the study had never heard of car subscriptions. Previously, they had mostly paid for their vehicle in cash, acquired it through classic credit financing or through a leasing contract. Users of car subscriptions value the offer because of its simplicity, flexibility and low cost risk. They are significantly more online-affine.

For them, the most important sales channel is the online channel, personal conversations hardly play a role for subscription users. Digital services such as fast online contract conclusion, brand variety, replacement vehicle and protection against additional payments are important to them.

Author: Jürgen Wolff, press-inform

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