Study: State spends ten billion euros too much on Corona aid

The gastronomy has to cope with tough restrictions in the corona pandemic.

The gastronomy has to cope with tough restrictions in the corona pandemic.

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The federal government is helping the companies hit by the Corona crisis. Now a calculation by the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) Cologne shows that the November and December aid are ten billion euros higher than necessary. This is what the “Welt am Sonntag” reports.

Affected companies, especially from the catering and event industry, would in many cases earn more money than if they were open thanks to the compensation from the state, according to the newspaper.

The IW assumes in the calculation that half of the costs of the companies do not arise after they have closed their operations. Nevertheless, they will receive a flat rate of 75 percent of sales for the same month of 2019.

Corona aid: the state pays around a third too much

On average, around 33 percent of the aid amounting to around 30 billion euros is overpaid – even if there are differences between the individual sectors. In relation to “Welt am Sonntag”, Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) defends the aid in November and December. “Of course, the focus on sales is not one hundred percent fair,” he says. “But no criterion can ensure absolute justice in every individual case,” said Altmaier.

Criticism comes from the opposition. Claudia Müller, Commissioner for SMEs in the Green Group in the Bundestag, says: “We need Corona aid that also functions fairly in the long term and where taxpayers’ money is handled responsibly.” It could not be that with some too much and with others too little arrive. She cited solo self-employed and retail as an example.

Altmaier indicates that the aid could expire at the end of the year

Left parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch also expressed himself in the direction. If there is evidence of overcompensation, this would have to be corrected, he demands in the “Welt am Sonntag”. Christian Dürr, deputy chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, speaks out in favor of permanent tax relief.

Meanwhile, Minister of Economic Affairs Altmaier has indicated that the aid could expire at the end of December. It is “by no means a new automatic” justified. “We’ll have to think about what to do if we need long, far-reaching restrictions,” said Altmaier.



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