Study: Students are pessimistic and fearful of the future

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More and more students are pessimistic about their future careers. This is shown by the current figures from the HR monitor from the Trendence Institute. Every month the independent consulting and market research company surveys around 2,000 people on various topics.

It turned out that 58 percent of the students had doubts about their career opportunities. That is 18 percent more than in the previous year. Only one in ten students currently believes in better career opportunities than before the corona pandemic. The total numbers of pessimistic students hardly differ between different types of school. In comprehensive schools, secondary schools or secondary schools, 59 percent of students are skeptical, at grammar school it is 57 percent.

Girls seem to be more pessimistic than boys. Around 65 percent of the students said they were unsure about their future careers. For the boys it is 50 percent. However, the number of skeptics increased among both girls and boys: in July 2020, it was only 49 percent of girls and just 32 percent of boys.

Advice from parents is the most important criterion when choosing a job

According to the survey, the parents continue to have the greatest influence on the students’ career choices. For two-thirds of students, parental advice remains the most important thing when it comes to choosing a job.

In second place for 35 percent of the pupils is their circle of friends. According to Robindro Ullah, Managing Director of Trendence, it is therefore particularly important that companies also target parents in their employer communication if they want to get schoolchildren excited about themselves.

Ullah rates the results of the study as worrying: “The pandemic and the resulting crisis are making young people rather inhibited and insecure when entering the job market,” he says. “It is the job of employers and politicians to take their fear away.” Because especially in times of crisis, young, innovative workers are needed.



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