Study: Tesla leads the US in terms of electric car satisfaction, driving pleasure beats quality

There is still less competition on the US market than in Europe, but the result is still remarkable: According to a study by the market research company JD Power, Tesla models occupy the top four places in the premium class in terms of satisfaction with electric cars, led by Model S with 798 out of 1000 possible points. Model 3 is behind with 790 points. It is followed by Model Y, which with 780 points, however, is already below the average of the other two Teslas. The last Tesla is the Model X – which, with 758 points, is still rated significantly better than the Audi e-tron, which scored 686 points.

Large majority want electric cars again

However, the result of the US Electric Vehicle Experience Ownership Study (EVX) with 9,632 respondents is not quite as flawless as it appears at first glance: JD Power divided the electric cars available in the USA into two classes and beat all of the Tesla models Premium segment too. In the mass market class, the Kia Niro EV achieved the highest value with 782 points and was thus well ahead of the Tesla Model X and slightly ahead of the Model Y if you put the two categories together.

Across both classes and all models, 82 percent of the owners surveyed said they would definitely consider buying an electric car again, reports JD Power from the EVX study. As expected, this tendency is more pronounced the higher the level of satisfaction with the model currently being driven. This also applies to brand loyalty: electric car drivers whose answers amounted to at least 900 points want to buy an electric vehicle again 95 percent, and two thirds of them from the same brand. Between 600 and 750 points, 77 percent of those surveyed said they wanted to stay electric – but only 25 percent with their previous brand.

With at least 758 points for the Model X, Tesla has higher values ​​with all models. The quality at Tesla is considered to be moderate, repeats JD Power findings from previous studies on this subject; Together with reliability, this is the most important factor for premium customers. Still, Tesla owners are clearly the most satisfied in their class. According to the market researchers, this speaks in favor of their willingness to ignore quality problems. They are rewarded with a lot of driving pleasure: The average in the premium class dominated by Tesla (for which JD Power only names the Jaguar I-Pace with 669 points in addition to the Audi e-tron) reached 892 points compared to 758 points in the mass market.

Tesla strengths in range and charging

According to JD Power, the range of electric cars contributes around 20 percent to overall satisfaction in the premium and volume segments. How Tesla said here is not mentioned, but thanks to high efficiency and relatively large batteries, the electric car pioneer is certainly not naked. With its supercharger network, which started early and is constantly being expanded, it still has obvious strengths when it comes to charging, which is also an important factor: the satisfaction at this point ensured that the average in the premium segment with the four Teslas and only two other electric cars was 235 points higher than with the mass market models.


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