Stupid: Rapper rents Ferrari 488 GTB and crashes it!

Rapper crashes Ferrari in the 30s zone!

Spectacular crash: A red Ferrari 488 GTB collides with a double-decker bus and is badly damaged in the process. At the wheel: a well-known rapper!

KUriotic crash with expensive consequences: A crash broke out on Trafalgar Square in London on Sunday, May 24th red Ferrari 488 GTB in a double decker bus. Several local media reports that the 670-hp super sports car was behind the wheel the popular rapper Swarmz in Englandwho is said to have previously rented the Ferrari. There are many pictures and videos circulating on the net that show the crashed Nobel sleigh in pitiful condition. A look at the photos shows that this is a total loss: The front of the Ferrari has been destroyed beyond recognition, indicating that the car entered the bus head-on.

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Accident in a 30 zone, no injuries

The course of the accident raises more questions: On the one hand, it is strange that the Accident in a 30 km / h zone happened. The question arises whether the Ferrari driver was not a bit too fast. In addition, the broken Ferrari is in the pictures against the direction of travel on the right side, the accident driver might have made a mistake during an overtaking maneuver. These speculations are currently occupying the net, after all, rapper Swarmz has over a million followers on his Instagram page alone. On the other hand, there is simply so far information on the accident that has not been secured. The responsible police department is still investigating. The most important news has already been released by the officials: There were no injuries in this crash and no legal consequences for those involved. But the accident was expensive in any case: the almost 300,000 euro Ferrari looks like a case for the junkyard.


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