StVO amendment 2020: It can also be expensive for bikers

StVO: It can also be expensive for bikers

The StVO amendment causes a stir among drivers. Abuse of an emergency lane is also becoming more expensive. But what about bikers wriggling through the traffic jam?

Die Amendment to the Road Traffic Regulations 2020 effective April 28th mainly because of one Tighter rules caused a sensation: the impending Driving license loss already at 21 km / h too much in urban areas. That the Abuse of an emergency lane became significantly more expensive on motorways and expressways, almost became a minor matter. And with that, too Dilemma of motorcyclists in a traffic jam: Do I try to meander through the waiting cars or do I prefer to let it be?

At least 240 euros now costs that misuse of a possibly life-saving relief alleyreserved for the police and emergency services (all information on correct behavior in traffic jams). “Of course, this also applies to motorcyclists,” explains traffic lawyer Uwe Lenhart from Frankfurt. Just like not creating a rescue alley, the fine can increase Disability, danger or property damage increase to 280, 300 or 320 euros. There are two points in Flensburg and a month’s driving ban. That yourself Bikers in a traffic jam in a silent Agreement with the motorists in the middle, actually violates that Right overtaking ban. Penalty: up to 100 euros and one month’s driving license withdrawal. “However,” says Lenhart, “there are very few successful advertisements against motorcyclists because identification is difficult”.

Bikers face a heat collapse in traffic jams

What many drivers don’t know: Most motorcyclists don’t trick out of impatience in traffic jamsbut because with a helmet and heavy gear on a hot, standing machine a heat collapse can occur. In theory it is Passing on the far left allowed, practically every biker will discouraged. Because: There is no space between the guardrail and the metal avalanche, and no driver expects such a maneuver – there is a risk. The repeatedly asked for one Approval of the emergency lane for two-wheelers has been rejected just as often. Because at the scene of the accident, motorcycles could also jam and hinder helpers Danger of car imitators too large. “That would also completely undermine the acceptance of emergency lanes,” says lawyer Lenhart. This leaves heat-ridden motorcyclists only the hard shoulder in an emergency. But not for driving – but for Park your machine.

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