“Subscribe” menu discovered in Tesla account: is autonomous driving now available for rent?

Apart from colors (outside and inside) and rims, you cannot order any hardware extras for Tesla electric cars – but the software function FSD (Full Self-Driving Capability) for future autonomous driving, which is quite expensive at 7,500 euros. For a long time, Tesla owners and interested parties have been asking for a subscription option, and CEO Elon Musk has promised that it will come soon. This point in time now seems to be approaching, because the apparently new menu item “Subscribe” has appeared in the Tesla account on the web.

Facebook group finds Tesla subscriptions

This was noticed this week in a German Facebook group on Tesla, and the participants there agreed that this option is indeed new. Anyone who logs into their Tesla account will actually find the subscription sub-item in the upgrade area, as was able to verify. However, there is still no FSD (in German “Full potential for autonomous driving”) to be found there – it can still only be bought. For a Model X, whose one year of premium connectivity is about to expire, there was already the option under “Subscribe” to extend it for 9.99 euros per month.

Otherwise, the subscription area seems to have been a placeholder so far – but at least. And in the account for a Model 3, for which the Internet option has already been booked, there is now a sentence that could be understood as meaningful: “You have all the software subscriptions that come into question”.

In the latest version of the Tesla app, on the other hand, in which you can also order FSD, no distinction is made between buying and subscribing. In the Tesla group on Facebook, participants assumed that Tesla has already updated its website for the upcoming news and is thus simply a step ahead of the app. So there was already speculation about prices for the upcoming FSD subscription. The first tips ranged from 40 euros to 250 euros per month.

Hope for Musk info next week

The discovery would be timely. CEO Elon Musk had already announced that FSD would be renting “probably” towards the end of the year in May 2020. He then commented less cautiously on a Twitter request in December: “We will bring out an FSD subscription early next year,” he wrote. Perhaps the wait for it will come to an end in less than a week: Tesla will publish business figures for 2020 on Wednesday, followed by a conference call. Observers are hoping for some news from this event anyway – FSD for rent and the price for it could well be one of them.


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