Subsidy pot for electric driving found well: 19 million already applied for

This is apparent from data from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the club that provides the subsidies.

91.4 million

This year, a total of 91.4 million euros in subsidy is available for people who will be driving electrically. 20.4 million of this is reserved for second-hand electric cars and 71 million euros for new ones.

The second category is especially popular. In less than two days, almost 15.8 million euros in subsidy has been requested for the purchase or private lease of a new car. That is about 22 percent of the total annual budget.

A subsidy of 3.2 million euros has already been applied for for the purchase or lease of a second-hand electric car.

3350 euros for new, 2000 euros for used

The subsidy is intended to encourage electric driving. In this way, the Netherlands hopes to come one step closer to achieving the climate goals.

Anyone who buys or leases a new electric car (as a private individual, so not through the business) can receive a subsidy of 3350 euros. The condition is that the car has a list value of between 12,000 and 45,000 euros.

For a second-hand electric car you receive a subsidy of 2000 euros, both for purchase and lease. Those cars must also have an original new price of between 12,000 and 45,000 euros.

gone = gone

If you want to claim the subsidy, it is therefore important that there is still something in the pot. Incidentally, RVO does not expect that the applications will continue to go as fast as on days 1 and 2. Probably many people have postponed the purchase of their car at the end of last year to be able to take advantage of the subsidy pot in the new year.

Since you can only apply for the subsidy if you have already concluded a purchase contract or lease agreement, it is possible that the pot is empty and you therefore do not receive a subsidy while you do have to pay for that car. If you want to exclude that risk, it is best to include a resolutive condition in your contract, RVO advises.

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